Custom GPS
Enabled Solutions

Need to add location tracking GPS capabilites to your portfolio, product, website or app? We can help.

How We Can Help You

Location Tracking

Track the precise location of anyone or anything, anywhere in the world, with an accuracy of just one meter.

Route Mapping

Implement route mapping to allow others to follow in your footsteps, avoid similar routes and/or optmise routes based on historical data.

Geo Marking

Log and present the precise location of incidents, points of interest, events or anything else using geo-marking.

Satellite Tracking

Integrate satellite tracking hardware to augment coverage in areas where cellular reception is unavailable or unreliable.

API Integrations

Add GPS enabled features and functionality to your CRM, ERP, website or app using the power of APIs.

Hardware Procurement

We can help you identify and procure the right hardware for your specific project requirements.

Recent Projects

A few GPS enabled projects we've had the pleasure to work on recently.

My G:

My G: is the official app for up-to-date information with regards to G:link trams operating on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. A smaller budget solution My G: predominantly focuses on providing real-time tram location data.

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London MET StreetWatch

We're currently working with the London Metropolitan Police Service & London Borough Councils on the ideation of StreetWatch.

StreetWatch aims to harness the power of GPS technology to enable community officers to log the exact location of incidents they encounter during a patrol. In addition, officers will also have the ability to upload supporting evidence such as notes, images and video via their smartphones whilst on patrol.


A Community Focused Multi-sport Network for fitness enthusiasts and teams of all levels, from beginners to professionals to connect, follow, meet and team up with people that share common fitness goals.

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